Solana and Elijah

Solana and Elijah is a success story in a completely different way than what you would expect for their situation. Solana met Elijah on MySpace and after a while they lost contact.  A couple of years later, Elijah messaged Solana on Facebook and the two were able to reconnect. Solana had fallen in love with a guy named Danny but wanted closure with Elijah. Their online relationship lasted for 6 years and they never communicated through phone. Elijah didn’t own a phone. When Solana finally meets Elijah she finds out he is the exact person he had described himself as online. Both of them connected and ended up getting matching tattoos. Solana married Danny, but to this day Elijah is still her best friend.

Rod and Ebony

Rod had been dating online and came across a woman named Ebony under the name of KJ. He thought he was speaking to a transgender woman. He used photos of his cousin instead of himself . When they finally met in person, Ebony was not quite happy about the truth, but then she had a bigger news to tell.  She has an 11-year-old daughter and that Ebony was never a transgender, she was born a woman. But here’s the catch Rod only continued to keep in touch with Ebony online only because she was sending him money. Ebony only spoke to Rod because she thought he was gay, and she just wanted a friend. Ebony and Rod were able to move past all of the drama and decided to be “cordial” and still talked to each other even after the show.

Who Uses Online Dating Sites?

In today’s world there are so many different people who are looking for love or just want a casual relationship. All of these people vary from gender, sexual orientation, race, and age. Most of these factors are displayed in the biography of the owner’s account. But sometimes it can be quite tricky while dating online because of the information presented to the public may be frabricated.

The age spectrum has varied but remains consistent between the ages of 19 to 89 years old. An authentic presentation representing yourself is a great start when dating online and being confident helps as well. Online dating sites are meant to help people socialize, get to know one another and eventually build a relationship. Researchers have concluded that people who are very sociable are more likely to use online dating sites for their services than people who are less sociable . Researchers also found out that it is essential while dating online to be comfortable. There are two types of daters such as the traditional/uptight dater versus the open/free spirited dater. These two types of daters have an influence on the choosing process. Uptight daters have profiles that imply serious long term goals, while free spirited daters have profiles that imply casual short term goals. Ultimately each person has a goal of what the want to find while dating online.

Perception and comfortability is important in the search processs of a mate . It ultimately leads to making a decision  to contact the person that you thought was fit to be your mate. Here are some funny videos I found of guys and girls discussing how they felt about the profile of many other online daters and how they perceived it.

Women’s perspective of guys online

Men’s perspective on womens’ profiles

Catfish: Ashley & Mike

Ashley & Mike

6 pack .gif

What They Thought: Mike thought Ashley was thin because she would send him altered photos. Ashley thought Mike was a completely different person!
The Truth: Mike & Ashley were both self-conscious about their weight, as they did not want to show their real selves to one another. It turned out if they were honest, they didn’t have to wait 7 years to meet.

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